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APPENDIX C Dialogic GammaFax Support

APPENDIX C Dialogic GammaFax Support

This appendix provides detailed information on the Faximum Messaging Server's support for Dialogic GammaFax boards.

Supported Operating Systems

At the time this version of the Faximum Messaging Server was developed, Dialogic/GammaLink had only released support for their fax boards on SCO (Caldera) OpenServer 5 and not for SCO UnixWare 7 or Linux.

Therefore if you wish to use FMS with Dialogic/GammaLink fax boards you will need to be running SCO OpenServer 5.

Supported Fax Board

Faximum has a special version of FMS built using the GammaLink Developers Kit for UNIX (GDK/UNIX) Version 1.0.5e for SCO OpenServer 5. This is available to customers who need to support this hardware.

According to the information provided to Faximum by Dialogic/Gammalink, the GDK supports the following fax boards:

Configuring the Dialogic GammaLink Board(s)

Before trying to configure the Faximum Messaging Server you will need to install the GDK 1.0.5e device drivers (available from Dialogic) and configure the drivers to work with your GammaLink fax boards. Please refer to the documentation from Dialogic.

The gfax.cfg File

The configuration of the Dialogic/GammaLink boards is critical and is covered in the documentation provided by Dialogic/GammaLink. For the information of customers using the CPi/100 board (the board used by Faximum Software to test its software), here is the /usr/gl/fax/gfax.cfg file used by us:

Configuring FMS to Use GammaLink Board(s)

To configure FMS to use a port on a GammaLink fax board you will need to create or edit the appropriate fax-line file (see "Fax Line File(s)" on page 101). If you also wish to receive faxes you will need to obtain a new start-up script from Faximum so that the faxlisten program (which is used to manage fax reception on GammaLink boards) is properly started when the system is booted.

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