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Update User

This screen shows the parameters for the specified user that may be changed by a user with Administrator privileges. An unprivileged user will see a much smaller set of parameters that they can change (and they are limited to changing the parameters for their own account only).

Account Name - the short name for this account

Full Name - the actual name of the user

Password - the password for this account (never displayed)

Re-Type Password - used to verify that a new password has been entered correctly

From E-mail Address - the email address that this user will send fax messages from (used to determine if a message to be sent by fax has originated from an email account authorised to use this FMS server)

Delivery E-mail Address - the email address that faxes routed to this user are to be sent to

Delivery Format - the format to use for email messages sent to the user

Privileges - the privileges this user enjoys when accessing the FMS webadmin interface (see "User Privileges" on page 76).

Remember that the changes you make to these parameters will not be stored until/unless you click on the Update button.

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