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Access Codes, Dialling

If your phone system requires that access codes (e.g. 9,) be dialled before a number or account numbers after a number then you can configure FMS to do this by editing the appropriate fax-line file (by default located in /etc/opt/faximum/dev) and add either or both a dial-prefix and dial-suffix parameter specifying the digits (and pauses) to be dialled before or after the number.

If, after specifying a prefix and/or suffix, you need to enter a number that is to be dialled without either the prefix or suffix being added, merely start the number with two - characters. This will disable the addition of the prefix or suffix.

To insert pauses in the access codes put commas (e.g. ",") in the prefix and/or suffix as required. (For information on adding pauses to dialled strings other than in the prefix and suffix strings see "Pauses, Inserting (when dialling)" on page 53).

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