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Faxes, Receiving

The FMS software can receive faxes and (depending on how your system administrator has configured the software) automatically email received faxes to the intended recipients (FMS+PLUS); print the fax (FMS+PLUS); or store the fax in a general inbox directory that can be viewed and routed manually (FMS and FMS+PLUS).

If a fax is delivered to you by email, all you need do on most systems is to click on the icon representing the received fax file and you system will start the appropriate viewer (see Fax Viewers on pages 36-38). On systems that do not permit you to invoke a fax viewer from within your email client you will have to save the attached fax file and run the fax viewer manually.

Please contact your FMS system administrator to learn how your system has been configured to handle received faxes. If you are the FMS system administrator please see "Received Faxes, Handling" on page 61.

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