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Received Faxes, Automatic Routing of (FMS+PLUS only)

The Faximum Messaging Server supports the automatic routing of received faxes by assigning a unique fax phone number to each user that needs to receive faxes directly and automatically. When someone wishes to send a fax directory to that user, he merely send the fax to the unique fax phone number assigned to that user.

At the FMS system either DID or ISDN technology is used to enable multiple unique phone numbers to be carried over a single phone line. In this manner it appears that your organisation has a separate fax line and machine for each user when, in fact, you may have only one (DID or ISDN) line.

Do not feel, however, that it is necessary to have DID or ISDN in order to use FMS to efficiently receive and route faxes. Manual fax routing (described in the next section) is much much faster than having to handle printed faxes and distribute them by hand. Indeed, it is possible to use FMS to manually route five to ten received faxes per minute! And with FMS the administrator can enable everyone in the group to look at the cover page (only) of unclaimed faxes so that someone expecting a fax can obtain it immediately without having to wait for someone to route it -- all with more security than is possible with a standard fax machine.

DID Fax Routing (FMS+PLUS only)

Special Note to FMS+PLUS Users

Configuring FMG with the Faximum Client/Server

Configuring Faximum PLUS

ISDN Fax Routing (FMS+PLUS only)

Fax Routing Using Shell Scripts (FMS+PLUS only)

Configuring Faximum Client/Server

Configuring Faximum PLUS

Configuring Faximum Messaging Server

Writing the Fax Routing Script

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