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There are a couple of areas of concern with the security of the operation of the Faximum Messaging Server.

Controlling Access to the Fax Delivery Services of the FMS

Since the FMS can incur long distance phone charges when delivering messages by fax it is important to prevent unauthorised users from using your FMS to delivery their messages.

The details of how to configure the FMS to limit access to the FMS message delivery functions is described in "Access, Controlling" on page 26.

It is important to understand that it is possible for unauthorised users to fool the FMS into thinking it is handling a message from an authorised user since it is not difficult to spoof the From address of an email message. In order to prevent unauthorised users from accessing your FMS server you may need to configure your email network to prevent unauthorised or external users from being able to send email that can reach your FMS server.

Faximum Software is also working to support S/MIME and other forms of email authentication. Contact Faximum Software if this feature is of interest.

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