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CHAPTER 5 Faximum Messaging Server + PLUS

CHAPTER 5 Faximum Messaging Server + PLUS

The Faximum Messaging Software can be installed in two ways:

Some of the features of the FMS+PLUS product that go beyond the combination of the feature sets of the two products:

FMS+PLUS-Specific Configuration Parameters

As you are no doubt aware, every fax request that is sent to a Faximum PLUS must have an account, class of service, and style specified. With the FMS+PLUS this can be done explicitly (see the next section) or by default. In order that email messages that do not specify these parameters are successfully sent, you must specify in the faximum.conf file the default values for these parameters.

Please edit the faximum.conf file and add three lines of the form:

Please change the right hand side to the appropriate value for your system.

Specifying Parameters

In order to allow FMS+PLUS users complete control on how their messages are handled by the system, it is possible to specify in an email message the values for the account, class of service, and style databases (thus overriding the defaults set in the faximum.conf file as described above).

There are two methods. One can set the parameters in the email address itself or one can specify the parameters in the headers of the email message. For example, one could compose an email message addressed to:

which would cause the style called "invoice" to be used for this fax request.

Alternatively, one could place the following email header in the message:

Similarly one can use either of the above techniques to specify the account or class.

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