Faxing an Interleaf document

For Interleaf documents, you need to fax a Postscript file. One way to do that is to save the document as a Printerleaf file and then run the pl2ps filter on the document. For example, the following commands create a Postscript file named test.ps from an Interleaf Printerleaf file named test.pl:

Interleaf Version 4.0

/interleaf/tps4.0/sysio/ps/pl2ps -i test.pl > test.ps

Interleaf Version 5.0

/interleaf/ileaf5/bin/pl2ps -i test.pl -o test.ps

For Interleaf Version 5.0 (and greater), you can also set up a printer that prints to a Postscript file instead of to a printer. Print the document to the Postscript file and then attach the file to your fax. See your Interleaf documentation for instructions on setting up the printer.

See also, Attaching a File.