Faxing a Microsoft Windows Application Document

If you want to fax a document from a Microsoft Windows application, print it to a Postscript file rather than directly to a printer. Then move the file to your system and attach it to your fax.

You can create the Postscript file on a personal computer if you have a Postscript printer driver installed under the Windows environment.

While some applications allow you to specify "print to a file" in their Print dialog box, the most reliable way to do this is through the Windows Print Manager. The Print Manager allows you to specify FILE as your printer port. Use the Printer Setup command to do this.

The Microsoft Windows User Guide describes how to print to a file. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Choose Printer Setup from the Options menu.
  2. Select a Postscript printer.*
  3. Choose the Connect button and select FILE in the Ports box.
  4. Choose OK and close the dialog.

After you set up the printer, go into your application and choose Print. A Print to File dialog appears after the application-specific print dialog is closed. Specify the drive, directory, and filename. For example:


Now you can move the file to your system and attach it to a fax. See Attaching a File.

*If you have not installed the Postscript driver (on your PC), you can do so by choosing the Add button. You may need your Windows installation disks to install the driver; consult your Windows documentation for details.