Give Users Permissions to Use the New Style

The FSA group automatically has permission to use all styles. However, the FSA must give permission to other groups to use individual styles.

Use the following procedure to give a group permission to use a style:

  1. In the Browse Database dialog, select Permission from the Database pulldown menu (upper left hand corner of dialog).
  2. Select the group that you want to give permissions to from the Permission Group Names area.
  3. In the Data area, scroll down until you reach the Use Styles button and choose it. The Permissions dialog will appear. The name of your new style should be in the list.
  4. The group has permission to use all of the names that have a depressed button. Depress the button associated with the new name.
  5. Choose Close to close the dialog.
  6. Choose Apply Edits.
  7. Choose Close to close the dialog.

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