The Fax and Alt Fax # Fields

The Fax # field is for the fax number of the destination. If you supply an alternate fax #, Faximum uses it of it cannot reach the primary fax #. For example, if the primary fax # is busy, Faximum will try the alternate number.

The FSA determines how Faximum uses the alternate number field for a given user by modifying the Class Database for that user. The FSA can specify how many times Faximum will retry the number and how many times it will switch between the primary and alternate numbers. See Automatic Retry Options.

The fields for the primary and alternate fax numbers accept a maximum of 32 alphanumeric characters. Enter the phone number (including country code area code and phone number) as a sequence of numbers.

You can use spaces, dashes, and commas in the primary and alternate fax numbers. For example, the following sequences are all valid: