Wait to Send

The Wait to Send menu item on the Options pulldown menu provides an easy way for you to take advantage of less expensive phone line charges. The feature uses a 24 hour clock model. For example, if you know that phone charges will be lower after 5:00 in the evening, you can choose Wait to Send and then specify a time like 17:05 in the Select Time to Send dialog.

If you do not choose Wait to Send, Faximum Client/Server will usually send the fax out immediately. The only time this would not happen is if the FSA has set up some specific time restrictions in the Tariff database (for example, to take advantage of after hour phone line rates).

The Wait to Send button cannot override settings in the Tariff Database. The Wait to Send time is the earliest time the fax will be sent. The fax may be sent later if the class and tariffs specify a later time.

If the current class has a short deadline time, the Wait to Send button can be used to tell Faximum Client/Server to send the fax at a later time. For example, the Standard class that comes with Faximum Client/Server has a deadline time of one minute. When the Standard class is in effect you can use the Wait to Send button to send the fax at a later time.

See also, Select Time.