Account String Example

There is an account associated with each transmitted fax. The user selects an account by choosing Select Attributes from the Composition pulldown menu on the Compose Outgoing Fax window.

Faximum automatically prints the name of the account in the account log. You can additionally specify up to five telephone account numbers in each account entry. You can use the account numbers for your own billing purposes. This lets you associate a specific account number with each dial string.

There are two steps for using the account numbers:

  1. Specify the account numbers in the Account database for a particular account.
  2. Add a macro substitution ($1 through $5) in the appropriate dial string in the Dialing Rules database.

Faximum will print the account numbers as part of the Fax Number field in the Account Log. You may censor it from non-FSA users by putting parentheses around it. For example: ($1). This allows to you to keep telephone account numbers that you use to make long distance calls secret.

Faximum ignores characters other than *, #, and digits in the account numbers.

Some phone systems can keep track of costs placed and charge them to departments, projects, or employees by requiring a special account number be dialed in addition to the phone number itself.

This feature is usually called Call Detail Recording or (CDR).

If your phone system supports this, you can assign a different account to each department, project, or employee and put the appropriate CDR account number in the account database. You then edit the Dialing Rules Database so that the appropriate account number is dialled along with the long distance number.

If your phone system does not have CDR and if it ignores extra dialed digits, you may have special numbers appended to the phone number so that you can keep track of them manually using the account log.

For example, you could enter the account string #1 in an account string field and then put $1 at the end of the associated dial string in the Dialing Rules database.

Let's assume that you are using the default dial string that just uses the entire fax number the user enters. If you add the $1 at the end of the dial string it would look like this:

$a $1

Then if the user send a fax to the number 926 8182, the following string would be entered in the Fax Number field of the Account Log:

926 8182#1

Note that Faximum actually trys to dial the entire dial string including the account string! So you usually put the account string macro at the end of the dial string which most phone systems ignore.