Remove a Redundant Area Code

Part of your role as FSA is to try and anticipate the numbers that users will try to enter in the Fax # field and to make sure that they can access the proper lines as easily as possible.

For example, assume that a user has set up a group alias list with numbers from several area codes. Assume they put in the area code for every user even if the number is a local call.

When they send a fax to this group list they cannot delete the area codes for the local calls. However, the phone line will not accept an area code for a local call. You can anticipate this problem and solve it by creating a new dialing rule.

Let's assume that the local area code is 604. We want to make sure that if the user enters "1 604" the fax will still get through. Create a new dialing rule called "local area code" and use the following values:

The dialing pattern lets the user enter 1 604 and any additional numbers. When that pattern is entered Faximum only uses the numbers entered after the 604 string. Notice that this dialing rule also assumes that an access code of 9 is required to get an outside line.

Use the Permissions database to give users permission to use this new dialing rule and the default dialing rule (or some others that you define).

Now if the user enters 1 604 plus any additional numbers, the "local area code" rule will take effect because if more than one Dial Rule Name rule matches, the rule that matched the largest number of digits exactly (not using patterns) will be selected.