Using a Match List

In this example let's assume that we want to restrict access to three local exchanges. For example, three local exchanges in Chelmsford Massachusetts are 436, 256, and 250. We can restrict access to these exchanges by creating one dialing rule and using a Match list.

Faximum checks the [---] string against elements in the Match List associated with the dialing rule. In this case we would define a Match List with the following three numbers:


The Match List is part of the dialing rule. Choose the Match List button directly under the Dialing Pattern.

Note that if this is the only dialing rule that a group of users has permission to use, they will get an invalid fax number error if they dial a number that begins with anything other than 436, 256, or 250.

However, a dialing rule like this can become a convenience when combined with other dialing rules. For example, combining this rule with the default rule (giving permission to use both) allows users to automatically get an outside line when they dial a local number. For other numbers they would have to dial the complete number, including the access code.

The more dialing rules you have in effect for a group of users, the easier it is for them to use the Faximum application.