CSI and TSI Values

The Style database contains a value called TSI (Transmitting Subscriber Identification). The Fax Line database contains a value called CSI (Called Subscriber Identification). This topic compares the two values.

Fax machines have a special language for communicating with each other. TSI and CSI values are part of that language as follows:

If you are sending a fax to another Faximum user who wants to use Incoming Fax Routing with the TSI feature, they need to know your TSI number. This is the number they will use when setting the TSI value. It is also the number that appears in the Sender # field in the Fax Browser window. So if you do not tell them the number, they can find it as part of a fax that you have sent them.

Keep in mind that since the TSI is set on a per-style basis, it is possible for there to be several different TSI numbers on the same Faximum server. So either make sure all the TSI numbers agree or make sure that you only use certain styles when sending faxes to someone using Incoming fax Routing.