To and From Data on a Cover Sheet

Each style has a number of fields that you can turn on and off. The fields are associated with values in the cover sheet file. The following list shows the fields and the associated values in the cover sheet file:

Note that the string $[replace fax1] cannot be turned on or off in a style but it can be included in a cover sheet file. The string prints the fax number from the To Fax # field.

An alternate fax number field does not appear in the sample cover sheet files.

Cover sheet files are on the server in the /opt/FAXserver/coversheet directory. See Custom Cover Sheets. Also see Faximum Client/Server Directories.

Assuming that a field is present in a cover sheet file, when you turn a From field off the following happens for the style:

Likewise, when you turn a To field off, the following happens for the style:

If you don't have a particular To or From feature on a cover sheet make sure it is turned off for the associated style. Otherwise it can be confusing to the user to see the value on the Fax Composer window or in From dialog.