Setting up a New User

Note: You can use this help to add one or more fax user accounts per system.

For more information on the User database, see The User Database. XXYYZZ

Prerequisites to Adding a Fax User
At installation, any user can access the Fax software, because the Fax user database is empty. However, for security purposes, the first user you add to that database becomes the only user who can use Fax.

To allow access by multiple users, first obtain the login name of all users who need Fax, so you can add all users at once to the Fax database.

Note that if you are running the networked version of Faximum (i.e. running the SPNAME client on a machine different from the system running the Faximum server), you need a Fax account (but not a login account) on the Fax server.

To Add A Fax User Account
A Fax user account contains:

  1. The user name - this is the user's exact login name (required)
  2. The permission group the user is assigned to (required)
  3. The Network Mask and Address for the user (optional)

By default the Network Mask and Address values are all set to 0. The easiest way to administer the Faximum user data base is to keep the values set to 0. This tells Faximum that the particular user can access the system from any UNIX system (even from remote sites).

If you want to leave the Network Mask and Address values set to 0, use the following procedure to set up users:

  1. From the Admin menu, choose Database. (If grayed out, choose Fax Administrator, first.)
  2. From the Database window, select User in the upper left hand corner.
  3. Choose Add and enter the exact login name of the user.
  4. In the Data area, select the Permission group for the user.
  5. Leave the Network Mask and Network Address values all set to zeroes.
  6. Choose Apply Edits.

Use the Copy As button to create a new user with the same permissions and Network Mask/Address values an an existing user.