Creating a New Tariff

This discussion assumes that the Browse Database dialog is already displayed. If not, see Displaying the Tariff Database.

To create a new tariff:

  1. Either choose Add or select an existing tariff and choose Copy As.
  2. Fill in the Rate n Code and Rate n Cost information.

    The Rate n Code (where n is a number from 1 to 8) may contain any string, and is for your reference only. Use it to give the Rate a name. The associated Rate n Cost is the cost per unit time on that phone line. For example, if your phone line has no discount during the day and 50% discount during the night, you can specify two rates. Give each rate a name and assign a cost for each rate:

    Note that the cost values are not really dollars or cents, but the effect is the same.

  3. Open the Tariff Rate Schedule dialog and specify the time periods that the rates would apply:
    1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Data area.
    2. Choose Rate Schedule. The Tariff Rate Schedule dialog appears.
    3. Fill in the information as described below.

    The day the rates apply to is displayed in the Day menu at the top of the dialog. For example, let's start out with Monday. Suppose that between the hours of midnight (00:00) and 8 A.M. (08:00), the 50% discount rate is in effect. Select the range from 00:00 up to 07:30 and then select the wide button 2, which refers to Rate 2, the one with 50% discount. Likewise, you select the other time period and then select the wide button 1 for Rate 1. Next, if the rates are the same during other days, you may simply select the other day of the week and then select As Previous Day.

    If you select 0 (No Calls Allowed) for any time periods, the fax scheduler will not schedule any fax to be sent during those time periods.

    Note that you can select several contiguous half-hour time periods by holding the left mouse button down and sliding it up or down in the Time area.