tiffcompress - TIFF Image Compresser

tiffcompress [-c compression] -o output file1 file2 ...

Tiffcompress concatenates and reformats the TIFF images in the input files (file1, file2, etc.) creating a new output TIFF file.

-c compression
Arguments to -c can be a hex number (prefixed by 0x), an octal number (prefixed by 0), or a decimal number (no prefix). Compression may be one of the following values:
-o output
Specifies the output file. The default compression used by Faximum for TIFF files it creates is 0x43 (this is compliant with the requirements of TIFF Class F files). Some graphics or word processing programs cannot handle all forms of compression. WordPerfect for example, cannot handle type 0x43 but can handle compression types 1 and 2. When in doubt, try compression type 1.