mfax - A Manual Fax Send/Receive Utility

mfax mode [ options ] file1 file2...

Mfax can be used to manually send or receive files from a fax modem, bypassing the normal Faximum spooler. It can be used when other devices are being used to control the phone line (such as voice applications).


transmit fax
receive fax


-f device
Select fax device
-p phone-number
Sets number to dial. Transmit without specifying a phone number implies immediately pick up the phone and send fax tones.
-t file-type
Set file type for conversion. The default file-type is tiff. The -t option can specify any file type found in /opt/FAXserver/convert. This option can be specified multiple times on the command line. All files are converted prior to initiating a call.
Wait for before connect

For receive, a device must be specified if more than one fax device exists. On transmit, mfax will use the first available device if no device was explicitly specified with the -f option. You can use a symbolic device name that references a file in the /opt/FAXserver/dev directory (e.g. fax-line-1) or an absolute path (e.g. /dev/tty2a).

On transmit, the -t option must be used when the file(s) to be transmitted are not already in TIFF-F format. Mfax uses the same mechanism as sendfax for file conversion. A missing phone number is legal; mfax will assume the number was dialled by some other method (e.g. manually) and will attempt to start a fax session without dialling. Received data is stored in a TIFF-F format file.