Record Not Found Errors

Some Background Information
Styles, classes, and accounts (called attributes) are stored in a system database. The FSA can add, delete, or modify elements in the database. Users choose from the available attributes by choosing Select Attributes from the Composition pulldown menu of the Fax Composer window.

Choosing Select Attributes displays the Select Composition Attributes dialog. Besides allowing you to select attributes for the current fax composition, the dialog has a Set New Default button that allows you to choose a default value for each attribute.

When you choose Set New Default for a style, class, or account, Faximum writes the value into the .faxrc file in your home directory. The next time you start up the Fax client Faximum checks the file for the values to use as your defaults.

Interpreting the Error Message
A record not found error usually occurs if someone with FSA permission deletes a style, class, or account that you are using as your default. If this happens, one or more error dialogs are displayed when you start up your Faximum client application or when you try to display or send a fax using the style, class, or account.

The same error can occur if you switch Fax servers and your default values do not exist on the new server.

For example, if the style you were using as your default is named TestNewStyle, you would get the following message:

The Faximum Server has a number of databases.
While looking for record 'TestNewStyle' in the 'Style' Database,
the fax system is unable to find this record.

All you have to do when you get this message is:

  1. Delete the error dialogs (in reverse order of appearance).
  2. Choose Select Attributes from the Composition pulldown menu of the Fax Composer window.
  3. Select an existing style.
  4. Choose Apply.
  5. Choose Set New Default.
  6. Choose OK.

If you received messages for the Class and Account databases as well, perform the same procedure for those attributes.

Note that it is important to fix this problem as soon as you notice it! Faximum may issue similar messages later on in your session but the error dialogs may be hidden behind the main Faximum window. In that case the application would appear to stop running since it was waiting for you to choose OK on the error dialogs. If that happens you just need to move the main window out of the way so you can click on the error dialogs to dismiss them.