Faximum Glossary

This glossary contains a definition of many of the technical terms used in this help system. In some cases additional information is available by selecting the highlighted words in the definition.

CED or Called Subscriber Identifier
The distinctive tone generated by a Group III fax machine when it answers the phone (2100 Hz).
CNG or Calling Tone
The distinctive tone that a fax machine generates when placing a fax call (1100 Hz on for 1/2 second, off for 3 seconds).
CSI or Called Subscriber Information
The "name" of the answering fax machine. An optional frame of information sent to the calling fax machine during Phase B (see T.30 below). Although many fax machines permit ASCII information, the T.30 standard states that this is to contain the international phone number of the fax machine, including the plus symbol, the country code, the area code, and the subscriber number using only digits, the plus symbol, and a space.
Fax System Administrator. The FSA has special priviledged that permit the Faximum system to be managed.
The International Telecommunications Union sets standards related to facsimile communications. Previously the ITU was known as the CCITT.
TIFF Files
Tagged Image File Format are files that contain images (pictures). TIFF-F files are a special type of TIFF file used to store fax images. A single TIFF-F file may store many separate images (pages).
TSI or Transmitting Subscriber Information
The "name" of the calling fax machine. An optional frame of information sent by the calling fax machine during Phase B. Note that while US law requires that machines transmit valid TSI information, many people do not properly program their machines when they are installed and hence the TSI information is not always accurate or even present.
See CSI (above) for details on the recommended format.