Faximum TechNote #227

Faximum TechNote #227


TITLE:    #227 - "AT+FBU=1"/"AT+FBUG=1" command rejected: ERROR

KEYWORDS: AT+FUG +AT+FBU modem error

RELEASE:  Faximum ELS/PLUS 2.21 and v4


PROBLEM:  Customer is using a modem that is not on Faximum's
	  recommended list and encounters one of the following
	  error messages (depending on the make and model of the
	  modem being used):

		AT+FBU=1 command rejected: ERROR

		AT+FBUG=1 command rejected: ERROR

CAUSE:    By default the Faximum server software enabled special
	  trace reporting to assist with the diagnosing of modem
	  problems. Unfortunately not all fax modems support this

SOLUTION: Edit the fax line configuration file for the specified line
	  and add a line of the form:

		fbug = no

	  This will cause the fax server not to issue the AT+FBU
	  or AT+FBUG command.

	  NOTE - the fax-line configuration files can be found
	  in the following directory:

	  	Release		Directory
		  2.21		/opt/faximum/dev/fax-line-1
		  4.x 		/var/faximum/dev/fax-line-1

	  If you have more than one fax line then the other fax
	  lines will usually be named fax-line-2, fax-line-3, etc.

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