Faximum TechNote #229

Faximum TechNote #229


TITLE:    #229 - Dialling Prefixes and Suffixes

KEYWORDS: dial dialling prefix suffix access code

	  Faximum FMS 2


PROBLEM:  Customer wishes to add a sequence of digits to be dialled before
	  and/or after the phone number itself.

	  While this has always been possible with Faximum PLUS by enabling
	  Intelligent Dialling and using the Dialling Rules (see the
	  Faximum ELS/PLUS Reference Manual), a new simpler method has been
	  added in Faximum ELS and PLUS 4.


SOLUTION: Edit the fax line configuration file(s) for the specified line(s)
	  and add lines of the form:

		dial-prefix = "9,,"
		dial-suffix = ",,5777"

	  Obviously (a) you need to replace these strings with the actual
	  digits and punctuation you wish to dial before and/or after the
	  fax number, and (b) you can define either a prefix or a suffix
	  or both.

	  The fax-line configuration files are normally found in the 
	  directory /var/faximum/dev or /etc/opt/faximum/dev depending
	  on the product, platform, and version.

	  For example, the fax line configuration file for the first line 
	  is normally fax-line-1, the second is normally fax-line-2, etc.
	  and etc.

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