Faximum TechNote #235

Faximum TechNote #235


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TITLE:    #235 - Troubleshooting the fms-httpd Web Server (FMS 2)

KEYWORDS: fms-httpd 404 error fail to connect

RELEASE:  Faximum Messaging Server 2


PROBLEM:  Administrator needs to troubleshoot FMS webserver. 
	  User cannot connect to fms web server- fmsadmin page does not
	  appear. User is getting 404 error when trying to connect to

	  Typical error message is of the form:
		404 not found
	  	The resource requested could not be found on this server. 

	  *** (NOTE - This TN applies to FMS 2. See TN#210 for FMS 1.) ***


	1) Edit the /etc/opt/faximum/httpd-config file and add the 
	   following lines to the end

		Log /tmp/fms-log
		ErrorLog /tmp/fms-errors
		ChildLog /tmp/fms-clog
		PIDFile /tmp/fms-pid

	2) After editing the file please terminate and restart the httpd daemon
	   with the -d flag.

		/opt/faximum/lib/fms-httpd -d < /etc/opt/faximum/httpd-config

	3) run the following commands:
	      telnet fmsdomainname 7437
	   you should see the following:
		Connected to fmsdomainname.
		Escape character is '^]'.
	   then refer to troubleshooting procedure A. 

	   if instead you get;
		Trying ###.###.###.###...
		telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
	   then refer to troubleshooting procedure B.


	continue the telnet session by typing:
		GET / 
	You should get the fmsadmin home page in html format.

	If instead you get:
		<title>404 Not Found</title>
		The resource requested could not be found on this server.
		Connection closed by foreign host.

	then check that the location specified in the 
	/etc/opt/faximum/httpd-config file actually points to the 
	directory containing fmsadmin.cgi. If it does not, then change 
	the path next to Location to reflect the correct
        path to fmsadmin.cgi.

	If it is still not clear what the problem might be, please
	email the /tmp/fms-* files to support@faximum.com


	Confirm that the fms-httpd daemon is running by running the 
	following command:

	linux: ps cax | grep fms-httpd
	sco:   ps -eaf | grep fms-httpd

	if you find that fms-httpd is not running, please restart it, 
	note any errors, and restart the troubleshooting procedures.

	if the fms-httpd is running, then check that it is listening by
		netstat -a | grep tcp
	you should see the following line on linux systems:
	tcp      0      0 fms.domainname:81     *:*                LISTEN

	and the following line on SCO systems:

	tcp      0      0 fms.domainname   *:*                LISTEN

	Try connecting with your web browser and check your /tmp/fms-errors
	file. If you see  ...done messages in your /tmp/fms-errors file,
        then you are successfully connecting to the fms-httpd. 	
   	If the error is not obvious from these trouble shooting procedures,
   	or from analysing the /tmp/fms-* log files, please contact 
   	(and send anything from these files that might be helpful).

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