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System Configuration

The System Configuration page lists all of the important configuration parameters that apply to the FMS server as a whole (parameters related to fax lines and users are managed through their own specific pages).

The identification section provides the information used to complete the cover sheet and default top-of-page banner.

The Minimum Free Blocks parameter specifies the number of disk blocks that must be available in order to safely receive a fax. If the free space on the disk partition used for the FMS spool directory falls beneath this value then FMS will not answer incoming calls (mimicing the behaviour of a fax machine that has run out of paper).

The Minimum Idle Fax Lines parameter is only significant when the FMS system has more than one fax line and tells the outbound fax scheduler not to assign fax requests to all available fax lines (so that one or more lines will remain available for incoming fax calls).

The Maximum Number of Retries parameter specifies the number of attempts that ought to be made to deliver faxes.

The Delay Between Retries specifies the minimum number of minutes the fax scheduler is to wait before retrying a failed fax. Note that with heavily loaded systems the actual delay may be much longer.

The Fax Resolution parameter specifies the resolution used for faxes delivered by FMS. Fine resolution faxes look better but take longer to transmit.

The Top-of-Page Banner parameter specifies the text that is to appear at the top of every page faxed by the FMS software. FMS will generate a reasonable default top-of-page banner based on the company name from the identification section (above) but you can specify the exact format of the banner by completing this field (and, optionally, using the variables described below).

The following variables are recognised and replaced when they appear in the banner string:

For more information on the various time formats available using the % format specification please refer to the documentation for the strftime library routine (i.e. "man strftime").

Remember that the changes you make to these parameters will not be stored until/unless you click on the Update button.

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