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Activation Key, Obtaining a

In order for the Faximum Messaging Server to operate you must obtain an activation key from Faximum Software. This is true even if you only plan to evaluate the software.

The easiest way to obtain and install your licence key is to install the Faximum Messaging Server and then point your browser at your FMS web server (see "Faximum Messaging Server, Administering a" on page 42).

FMS will detect that you do not yet have a key and will display information on how to obtain one.

If you would prefer to obtain a licence key prior to your installation, then please visit

If you would prefer to install your licence key manually then (create if necessary and) place the key in the file /etc/faximum.lic

Make sure that after you have edited this file that it is readable by all users (i.e. the permissions are at least r--r--r--).

2000 Faximum Software Inc.

Faximum Technical Support

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