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Faximum Messaging Server, Administering a

All of the key configuration and administration functions for the FMS are accessed by using a web browser (Netscape Navigator/Communicator, or, if nothing better is available, Internet Explorer). This is referred to as the FMS webadmin interface.

FMS includes its own web server that is accessed at the same domain name as used when sending email to the FMS for delivery by fax.

For example, if you have assigned the name to the FMS then merely enter the following URL from your web browser:

When you browse this URL you will see a page that looks something like the following


Webadmin Function


Screen Shot


Unrouted Received Faxes

page 61



Fax Queue

page 35

page 181


Fax Daemon Status


page 183

Fax Line Status


page 184

Fax Queue Statistics


page 185

System Log

page 75

page 186

Accounting Log

page 28

page 187

Software Version

page 76

page 188

Software Documentation

page 51

page 189


Email Server

page 33

page 190

Fax Server

page 46

page 195

Fax Lines

page 34

page 198

User Accounts

page 27

page 202

Software Licence

page 73

page 203


Windows Print Driver

page 77


Note that many of these items require a user name and password to access (see "User Account, Adding/Modifying a" on page 75) for information on how user names and passwords are assigned.

When the system is first installed the only user name is admin and there is no password needed. You ought to put a password on the admin account at your earliest convenience.

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