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Received Faxes, Manual Routing of

Faxes that are received on FMS systems that do not have automatic routing (see above), or faxes that are received on system that have automatic routing but which cannot be associated to any specific user, are placed in an inbox known as unclaimed.

Any user with postmaster privileges (see "User Account, Adding/Modifying a" on page 75) can:

To view a list of the unclaimed faxes, point your web browser at the FMS system (see "Faximum Messaging Server, Administering a" on page 42) and select the Route Received Faxes link. This will display a page listing the faxes in the unclaimed inbox.

From this list you can select to view or delete any fax.

When you have selected the view link, the first page of the fax will be displayed. From this page you can:

In order to maintain the confidentiality of received faxes you will only be able to view the first page of the fax.

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