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Fax Lines, Configuring

Normally the first fax line will be automatically configured as part of the installation process and the only other steps that you need take are to ensure that the port being used for the fax modem has been disabled for logins.

DID Fax Lines (FMS+PLUS only)

If you are planning to use automatic fax routing based on DID (see "Received Faxes, Automatic Routing of (FMS+PLUS only)" on page 55) then you will need to edit the fax line configuration file(s) to specify that incoming calls are to proceed with the DID handshake.

The fax line configuration files are normally located in the /etc/opt/faximum/dev/ directory and are normally named fax-line-1, fax-line-2, etc.

For DID operation the class2-type parameter must be set to multitech-did. Note that this option will only work with certain MultiTech modems and customers ought to check with Faximum Software for current details of supported and recommended modems.

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