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Software Activation Key

Before the FMS software will send and receive messages you must install an FMS software licence key. This key is obtained either from your reseller (if you have purchased FMS) or from Faximum Software itself (if you are evaluating the software).

Once you have the key you must put it into your key file. This is done by pointing your web browser at your FMS system (see "Faximum Messaging Server, Administering a" on page 42) and selecting the FMS Licence Update link.

This will verify your user name and password (you must have administrator privileges, see "User Account, Adding/Modifying a" on page 75) and display your current licence file (see "Software Activation Keys" on page 203). Add your new licence to this file and press the Update button.

Alternatively, you can edit the /etc/faximum.lic file on your FMS system directly.

Should you decide to add users or fax lines to your server in future you will also need to obtain a licence key to activate them.

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