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Faxes, Sending

To send a fax using the Faximum Messaging Server, merely address your message as illustrated in this example:

You can have up to four name fields before the fax number, for example:

If any of the name fields contain spaces then use an underscore (_) and it will be replaced with a space when the fax is sent. Some punctuation (such as period, hyphen) are permitted, all others must be omitted or else the message may not go through. In particular, do not use parenthesis to punctuate the phone number (or any other part of the address).

The field immediately before the @ symbol must be the phone number.

Your FMS system administrator will tell you what domain name to use ( in the above example).

For information on the types of files you can attach to your email message, please consult your FMS system administrator and see "Files, Faxing" on page 48.

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