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Cover Sheet, Defining a (FMS Only)

The cover sheet definition file is called cover and is found in the FMS configuration directory (/etc/opt/faximum by default) in the coversheet subdirectory. You can change the layout of the cover sheet by editing this file.

The company name, address, and phone numbers that appear on the cover sheet are defined in the FMS system configuration file (see "Company Identification Parameters (FMS Only)" on page 47).

If you wish to add your company logo to the cover sheet, create a black-and-white TIFF file at 200 dpi resolution that is no larger then 3" x 1". Replace the file fax.tif in the coversheet directory (by default, /etc/opt/faximum/coversheet) and it will be incorporated into the cover sheet.

If you do not wish your faxes to have a cover sheet then (a) make sure that all of your faxes go out with sufficient identification information on the first page to inform the recipient of the origin of the fax and (b) delete the coversheet definition file.

For more information on the control language used to define cover sheets, please see asciitiff on page 117.

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