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Daemons, Starting and Stopping

In order to handle the functions of the Faximum Messaging Server there are a number of processes that run in the background (such processes are called daemons in UNIX nomenclature, not to be confused with demons).

Program Name

Started by




Handles incoming fax calls



Schedules outbound faxes



Web server to handle administrative functions

SCO Merge & the WFCDb


Handles automatic conversion of Microsoft Word (and other) files. Optional.b



Handles SMTP email messages intended for fax delivery.

These background processes (with the exception of SCO Merge and the WFCD) are started automatically whenever the FMS system is rebooted.

The faxsched and X11 font server (used by FMS) can be started and stopped by using the webadmin interface, clicking on the View / Fax Daemon Status, and clicking on the appropriate Start or Stop link. See "FMS Daemon Status" on page 183.

The faxgetty daemon can be started or stopped by clicking on the Configure / Fax Lines link, selecting the fax line of interest, changing the Fax Mode to enable or disable fax reception (as desired), and clickin on the Update button.

Note that system performance is slightly better if FMS does not have to configure the modem to receive faxes so only enable reception if you need to receive faxes.

All of the fax daemons (other than faxgetty) can be started by running (as root):

or stopped by running:

a This script is also linked into the appropriate directories in /etc so that it is run automatically during system startup and shutdown. The /opt/faximum directory is the default installation directory for FMS and may be changed by your system administrator.

b SCO Merge and WFCD are not available for Linux. Alternatives may be available. Please contact Faximum Software for details.

c The swiiftefg program is only run as a daemon when FMS has been configured to handle SMTP traffic directly. This is not the normal configuration and by default swiiftefg is run by the systems email server (sendmail or Postfix) as needed to deliver messages by fax.

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