Delete Range of Pages

The Delete Range of Pages is an option on the Edit pulldown menu. When you choose Delete Range of Pages, Faximum displays a dialog that prompts you for input:

  1. Enter the first page in the range and press Return.
  2. Enter the last page in the range and press Return. The cursor automatically moves to the OK button.
  3. Press Return or click on OK with the left mouse button.

Faximum deletes the specified pages.

If you decide not to delete, choose Cancel.

If you delete the page currently displayed, then the first page after the last one you deleted will be displayed, after the delete completes. If there are no more pages after the last page deleted, the first page will be displayed.

If your deletion will result in 0 (zero) pages left, an error dialog will be displayed with the following error message:

Cannot Delete All Pages. Use the Cut Fax Option on the Browse Received Fax Window Edit pulldown to Delete a Fax.

Choose OK to remove the error dialog.

The Delete Range of Pages operation only affects the image in a temporary file. To save these changes see Saving Your Fax with Changes.