The Fax Status Button

The Fax Status button brings up the Outgoing Fax Status dialog. This dialog displays the status of the following:

Switch between the two lists by choosing the appropriate button in the top left hand corner of the dialog.

Users see information about the faxes they submitted. The active FSA sees all of the entries.

After a fax is successfully transmitted it is erased from the Active Queue window and a record of the transmission is entered into the Account Log.

If the transmission fails the fax is entered into the Suspended Queue and a record of the event is entered into the Account Log. You can resend or delete faxes in the Suspended Queue.

Choose the Account Log button to view the Account Log. The Account Log provides a record of all successful or attempted fax receipts and transmissions. If you have trouble transmitting a fax check the message in the Account Log. The FSA can also view additional information about the transmission in the System Log.

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