Add the Cover Sheet to the Style Database

  1. Put the cover sheet asciitiff file and any associated TIFF image files in the /opt/FAXserver/coversheet directory.
  2. If TIFF images are referenced in the asciitiff file, make sure that the complete pathname to the file is used.
  3. Become FSA by choosing Fax Administrator from the Admin pulldown menu.
  4. Choose Databases from the Admin pulldown menu. The Browse Database dialog will appear.
  5. Select Style from the Database menu in the upper left hand corner of the dialog.
  6. Select a Style as follows:
  7. If you selected Copy As or New you will be prompted for the name of the new style. Give any recognizable (unique) name and choose OK.
  8. In the Data area, replace the existing name in the Coversheet field with the name of your new cover sheet. This is the name of the asciitiff file.
  9. Scroll down in the Data area to the Vertical Resolution field and select one of the following:
  10. Choose Apply Edits.

Next, Give Users Permissions to Use the New Style.