Save Rendered Composition As

Choose Save Rendered Composition As on the Composition pulldown menu to save the current fax composition.

This selection will cause the fax to be rendered (converted into fax format) and will then bring up the Name Fax dialog (allowing you to specify a name for the composition).

The rendered composition will be saved in the SaveCompose folder of the The Received Faxes Display.

The rendered composition can be saved as a TIFF file or viewed using the options available in the browser.

Note that you cannot edit a saved composition. You can send it as part of a fax transmission by using the Forward option from the Browser's Action menu.

Also note that faxes are saved as TIFF files which can take up a lot of disk space. An alternate way to keep a record of faxes you send is to use the Print on Send Fax option on the Options pulldown menu.