The From menu item is part of the Composition pulldown menu on the Compose Outgoing Fax window. It allows you to specify the following information for the cover sheet:

You can fill in this information once and Faximum Client/Server will put it on the cover sheet of every fax you send out (as long as the cover sheet is set up to accept the information).

If the cover sheet of the currently selected Style does not contain a particular field, then it does not appear in the From dialog. For example, if the currently selected cover sheet does not have a Your department field, it will not appear in the From dialog.

Note that you can use the title and department fields for any information you wish to use as your From data. For example, you could enter your telephone number or Fax number instead. Faximum Client/Server does not process the From data other than to display it on the cover sheet or the top-of-page banner.