Print on Send Fax

This option allows you to print a copy of the Fax you are sending.

After you choose Print on Send Fax, choose Select Printer from the Options pulldown menu. This brings up the Select Printer dialog. The currently selected printer appears as the selected printer in the list. If no printer is selected, select the printer you want and choose OK.

In order to take advantage of this feature, the FSA must first add one or more printers to the Printer Database. If no printers are defined by the FSA, this button is greyed out. (See The Printer Database.)

Once you have enabled Print on Send Fax, you will receive a printed copy of every fax that your submit, printed at the time the fax is queued for transmission. Also, once the fax has been successfully sent, you will receive a Confirmation page which will provide the details of the successful fax transmission along with a reduced-size image of the first page of the fax.