Define a Mechanism for TSI Registration

Before you perform this task you need to know the TSI number of a fax machine that you will receive faxes from. The TSI is also referred to as a TSI number.

One reliable way to determine a TSI is to check the number associated with a fax that has been sent to you. You can check the Sender # of a fax in the Fax Browser window. The Sender # field shows the TSI number of the machine that sent the fax. If you select one of these numbers copy the exact number with the exact number of blank spaces and other characters. This number is programmed into the FAX machine by a user. It may not match the actual Fax number of the FAX machine. Always use the TSI number instead of the actual FAX machine number.

If the fax is coming from another Faximum user the TSI number is the TSI number associated with the Style that was used to send the fax.

To define the dispatching mechanism:

  1. Select TSI (TSI) Registration from the Routing menu.
  2. Choose Add and type in the TSI number of the machine from which you will receive faxes.
  3. Select Yes or No for Allow Others Register for Same Registration.
  4. Select one of the actions from the Perform Action menu and choose Apply Edits.

Now, when a fax comes in with the TSI number, Faximum will perform the actions you specified.