The Style Attribute for Attachments

The Style attribute controls the appearance of an attachment. Select a style or choose the Default button to apply the style to the selected file.

You can tell Faximum to use a different style for each attachment. There can be a style for the composition as a whole and a style for an individual attachment. The following describes the difference between the two:

If a specific style is not specified for an attachment, the style for the fax composition as a whole will be used. (Note: the overlay specification for the style selected for the composition as a whole is only used on the first attachment. If you want the second or subsequent attachments to have an overlay then you must explicitly set the style for those attachments.)

Usually the style for each attachment will be the same as the entire composition. Thus, setting the style of an attachment is rarely used.

Note that for screen captures, scanned images, and TIFF images you get the best results when you choose a high resolution style.

Note that some fax machines cannot accept faxes which contain attachments sent at a different resolution than the cover sheet.