Overlay Image

You can specify an overlay image as part of a style. This feature lets you overlay TIFF images onto attachment pages. For example, you could create a simple TIFF image that has your letterhead or company logo on it. Or you could have an overlay image that places the text "Forwarded Fax" diagonally across the page. Then you could use that overlay image when forwarding a fax to someone.

Follow this procedure to add an overlay image to an existing style (only the FSA has permission to do this):

  1. Choose Database from the Admin pulldown menu of either the composer or browser window.
  2. Select Style from the Database pulldown menu in the upper left hand corner of the Browse Database dialog.
  3. Select the style (or create a new one using Copy As or Add).
  4. Fill in the absolute (full) pathname to the TIFF image in the Overlay Images field.
  5. Fill in any other information as appropriate in the Data area.
  6. Choose Apply Edits.

The overlay image must be a TIFF-F file with one or two pages. Here is how Faximum uses image(s) in the file:

If you want the same overlay image on every page of an attachment (including the first) then create an overlay file which contains two pages, both containing the same image.

The overlay image is not used for the cover sheet. It is just used for attachments. See also, The Style Attribute for Attachments.