Dialing Pattern

The dialing pattern is the number that the Faximum user actually types in to the Fax # field.

The Dialing Pattern may contain any of the following:

+0123456789ABCD*# - match exactly as

[???] - match specified number of digits (e.g., 3)

[123] - match any single digit specified (e.g., 1, 2, or 3)

[---] - match the specified number of digits (e.g., 3) with a string of partial phone numbers in the Match List window.

[*] - match any number of digits (must be the last pattern in the string)

Faximum uses this number to determine the Dial String. The Dial String is the number that is finally dialed.

For example the following dialing pattern:

1 604 [*]

requires that the user enter the digits 1 604 and then any additional numbers. This would allow a call to any number in the 604 area code.

The following pattern:

[---] [????]

Requires that the user enter 7 numbers. The first three are checked against the numbers in the match list. The last four can be any numbers.

The default dialing pattern is simply [*] which allows the user to enter any number.