The Fax Scheduler

The following lists the steps that Faximum takes to schedule a fax for transmission after the user chooses the Send Fax button:

  1. Obtains the following information from the class associated with the fax transmission:
  2. Resolves the fax number to a specific dial string. To do this, Faximum uses the Dialing Rules that the user has permission for.
  3. Examines the tariff associated with the dial string and determine the cheapest time to send the fax within the deadline time.
  4. Schedules the fax.
  5. When the scheduled time arrives, send the fax on the first available line in the specified Trunk Group.
  6. If more than one fax is scheduled for transmission at the same time to the same fax machine (or same Faximum user), Faximum batches the faxes into one transmission if permitted.

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