Using the Sample Tariff

The extent to which Faximum uses a tariff is determined by the class associated with a fax transmission. The user selects a class by choosing Select Attributes from the Composition pulldown menu on the Compose Outgoing Fax window. Each class contains a deadline time that tells Faximum how long it can wait to send the fax.

Since the sample class (named Standard) uses a deadline of one minute, it does not take full advantage of the Sample tariff. However, by creating a new class with a longer deadline time, you can choose whether to send a fax immediately (use the Standard class) or let Faximum wait until the cheapest time to send the fax (use the new class).

This example assumes that you are using the default dialing rule. If you have set up your own dialing rules, associate the Sample tariff with the appropriate dial string(s) in your dialing rule.

The following procedure shows you how to create a new class with a long deadline time (15 hours in this example).

  1. Enter the Class database by selecting Class in the Browse Database dialog.
  2. Create a new class by selecting Standard and choosing Copy As.
  3. Give the new class a name such as Use Sample Tariff.
  4. In the new class, change the deadline time to 900 minutes (15 hours).
  5. Since you have FSA privileges you will be able to use the Class immediately. For other users to have access to it you must give the user group permission to use the Class in the Permissions database.

Next, send a fax using the new class and choose the Fax Status button. (The Outgoing Fax Status window is displayed.)

If it is earlier than 10:00 in the evening, you should see Waiting for Time in the Status field. Faximum will wait until the cheapest time (within the deadline) to send the fax. In this case, since we are using the Sample tariff, the cheapest time is 10:00 P.M. If you had specified a shorter deadline time, Faximum might select one of the other rates depending on what time you send the fax.

You can see from this example that having at least two different classes can be very useful. One class, with a short deadline time, can be used for faxes that should be sent out immediately. A second class, with a longer deadline time, can be used for faxes that can wait and take advantage of cheaper phone rates.