Setting up Printer Scripts

The print dialog used to print received faxes displays a list of available printers.

This list is actually the contents of the /opt/FAXclient/printers directory.

Each file in this directory is a shell script that handles the conversion of the TIFF-F file into the appropriate format and calls the printer spooler.

A sample script called Default is shipped with the Faximum client and contains comments describing how it can be modified to handle different printers.

To support additional printers, copy the file Default and give the copy a name mnemonic of the additional printer (e.g. Lab.Printer). Then edit the script to instruct the printer spooler to send the print file to the appropriate queue.

Note that the script files must have execute permission to work. For example:

chmod 755 /opt/FAXclient/printers/Lab.Printer