Print with Setup (Printing a Received Fax Manually)

A menu item on the Browse Received Fax window that lets you print a fax that is in your inbox or in a folder you created.

You may also use this dialogue to generate a print file which contains the fax you have selected.

To use the feature:

  1. Select a fax in the Browse Received Fax window.
  2. Choose Print with Setup from the Action pulldown menu.
  3. Select the pages to be printed (the default is all of the fax)
  4. Select a printer from the list.
  5. Indicate whether you wish to print to a file or to a printer (the default)
  6. Choose Print.

In most cases you only have to select a printer from the printer application dialog. You usually do not have to select any other options.

If you have requested Print only to file then the print file created will be of the appropriate type (PostScript or PCL) for the selected printer.

The default printer (called Default) defined for Faximum will generate PostScript output and send it to the default line printer.

To add printers to the list that can be selected for printing faxes or to change the configuration of the default printer see Setting up Printer Scripts.

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