Printing Received Faxes Automatically

It is possible to set up Faximum so that all received faxes are printed automatically.

Configuring this is a two step process:

  1. Add a action which will print (and save) faxes; and
  2. Register a TSI Routing so that all received faxes trigger the action defined in step 1.

Defining an Action to Print and Save
Select the Incoming Fax Routing option from the Admin menu in the Fax and create a new action which:
  1. Queues the fax either to your user name or unclaimed (which will appear in the General Delivery folder of the browser.
  2. Executes the following shell command:
    /opt/FAXserver/bin/tiffps $file | lp -s
    (You may add such option to the lp command as necessary.) If you are printing to an HP PCL type printer, then use the tiffhp utility rather than the tiffps utility shown in this example (which is used for PostScript printers).

Registering a TSI to Trigger the Action
By selecting the TSI Registration option in the Route Incoming Fax window you can register to process all faxes from a given TSI. If you register for the TSI * (i.e. a single asterisk) then every received fax regardless of its true TSI will trigger the specified action.

So by setting up the "print and save" action you defined above to be triggered for the TSI "*", you can have every received fax printed.

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